Monday, September 14, 2009

Why The Jews So Smart..(Kenapa Yahudi Bijak..)

Let see, when the mommy knows that she's pregnant...she will start to sing, playing piano or other musical instrument and the daddy will buy the mommy mathematic books for her to do with him..suprise???..

they did it for the baby in her womb...that's the way she teach her baby from that the baby brain will become bright..and genius..they will continue to do the math homework until she gave birth to the little jews..

another thing is what she eats during pregnancy...let see..she will take a whole lots of almond..dates with milk and for lunch she will tend to take bread with fish without head and more almond with salad..

according to them that fish meat is good for baby brain development..and the fish head contain too much toxic for the a big NO...NO...and she will take cod fish oil is also known as DHA...Daaaaaaaa....

if you are having dinner at a jews house, notice that their menu is fish fillet..they loves to eat fish..and they don't mix beef/chicken with fish...and salad with almond is a must..

FIY for muslim also it is a bad habit to take both fish and other meat at the same time...(darat tak bule campur dengan laut yer kengkawan...)

They will tend to eat fruits before eating anything else as their main course...according to the jews..eating carbohidrat first before fruit will tend to become a big sleepy head and tired + can't understand the lesson in school...

FIY...our prophet Muhammad SAW..have advice us that to take fruit first before eating...get the idea guy..

In Israel...smoking is a big NO..NO..NO..NO..don't be suprise that if you start to smoke at a jews home and suddenly they will ask you to do ur biz outside...according to the Jews sciencetist that smoking tend to kill or destroy human brain cell and not enough it will stick to your genes..this will develop a generation of idiot and DODO birds..(pls excuse my language..)..

but it's the truth u those who smoke i suggest to u all to stop if you want to have a genius don't blame your kids if they are a bid dumb...know you know where it came from...ekekeke..

at their kindergarden, the kid food is carefully treated with care and security example their first meal is fruit and almond..after that they need to eat the cod lever oil. They speak 3 language which are english..Hebrew and Arabic..

and they are treated to learn musical instrument at early age to enhance their per Jews sciencetist that kids at early age that expose toward musical notes and instrument will stimulate their brain faster...and make the kids smarter.

Then from grade 1 to 6th..the kids will be expose to the mathematic with business concept and science is a must..if you caompare these kids with a normal californian kid..believe me they will be ahead 6 times in term of IQ.

The parents will also encourage their kids to involve in sport such as shooting and archery in order to develop the ability to focus and easy for them to serve the country one day..

In high school the Jews student they are more stressed in sciece subject and encourage to create a product of their may look and sound funny at the beginning but actually it develop their mind to improve the world..

another thing is that suprise me is that in the university, the student were asked to created a group of 10 and set up a company of their own and in order to pass they need to get $US 1 million in profit..can you believe guess who invented the latest Levi's jeans design...i don't need to say more..

Have U ever seen a Jews pray??actually they did it by shaking their is actually stimulate and activate their brain and this will increase the oxygen level in their brain...

but for Islam they are some saying that doing the same thong helps to 'wake up ur brain'...see the Japanese...wondering why they always bend down their head...coz for the same reason...lots of japanase is genius..their favorite food is Shushi (raw fish)..coinsidence???? think about it...kk

Kesimpulanya, melahirkan anak dan keturunan yg bijak boleh dilaksanakan dan tentunya bukan semalaman, ianya memerlukan masa, beberapa jenerasi mungkin? Persiapan awal adalah ketika sang ibu mengandung, galakkanlah siibu melakukan latihan metamatik yg mudah tetapi konsisten disamping mendengar musik klasik.

Seterusnya ubahlah cara pemakanan, makanlah makanan yg elok dan berhasiat yg baik untuk otak, menghayati musik sejak kecil adalah baik sekali untuk penumbuhan otak kanak kanak, dengan bermain piano dan violin sudah tentu dapat melatih anak anak mencerdaskan otak mereka demikian juga sukan yg memerlukan konsetrasi yg tinggi, seperti memanah, bola keranjang, dart dan menembak.

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